I Am Living

I am Linda Anchell.
I am quiet.
I am gentle.
I am curious.

Linda Anchell talks about how she is finding meaning and joy in her last days. While in palliative care, she is still finding wonder in small things and making new discoveries with the help of her faith.

She and the Father at her church speak about the mark she has made in the world and how much there is to value in life.

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“I was a bit annoyed with myself because I should’ve known earlier. I think that’s a pretty common story. I don’t like the way I dealt with it, that I ignored things.”

— Linda Anchell

“It was written down. It was expected to be just two or three days. The treatment suddenly changed to hospice treatment and it changed everything! So I was being cared for holistically and it worked. I was now suddenly awake and able to think and do things which I hadn’t been able to do.”

— Linda Anchell

“She’s been inspirational in the way that she has dealt with her illness, and she’s shown us a way to do things. Not to stop. That when particular things happen in your life, you adjust, and there is another path. Linda is very much, a door is closed, I am going to find another one that’s open.”

— The Reverend Martin Johnson MTh BTh
Rector of St Philip’s Anglican Church, O’Connor ACT

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