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In Australia, palliative care services are funded by both Commonwealth and State Governments resulting in little to no cost for palliative care services. Generally services include clinical assistance (for example specialist palliative care doctor), consultative home nursing and multidisciplinary support (for example physiotherapist, occupational therapists).

Community-based palliative care provides equipment with cost ranging from no cost to a co-payment or hire fee. For highly specialised equipment, there may be an extra cost.

Community consultative palliative services provide shared care in collaboration with Community Aged Care Packages and other programs such as Hospital in The Home programs. Personal care and carer respite may incur extra costs.

End-of-life care packages are available in some Australian States and Territories to support people to remain at home. These packages are funded by state governments, are time-limited and provide short-term access to community-based nursing and carers.

Private health insurance may enhance people’s access to community-based multidisciplinary support or equipment, if locally available. Private health insurance does not change the community care model through the public health palliative care setting, as there is no person cost. Some private health insurance companies offer palliative care programs (for example Bupa).

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