I Am Living

A good pain management program requires good communication between people receiving care, carers, medical staff, and nursing staff. When someone is accessing palliative care or going through their end-of-life journey, it is important for them to share information about their pain and related concerns and fears with their care team. A palliative care team can relieve a person’s pain, anxiety, and fears.

Some people living with terminal illness mistakenly believe that if they are given strong painkillers initially, nothing stronger will be available in the future. There is no set limit to the amount of pain relief offered. Doses can always be adjusted to suit each person’s experience of pain.

Everyone interprets pain differently, depending on his or her life experiences, beliefs, and values. To appear stoic, people often underplay their pain. Those who value stoicism for religious or cultural reasons should consult a religious leader or pastoral care provider. There is no major religion that recommends against taking pain medications in terminal illness.