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Palliative care may be offered at any point during the cancer care process, from diagnosis to the end-of-life. People may receive cancer treatment while receiving palliative care.

An oncologist, or a member of the oncology team, may refer the person to a palliative care specialist, depending on the person’s physical, psychological, spiritual, social and cultural needs.

Studies have shown that palliative care contributes to the well-being and health of people facing a life-limiting illness and their families. In recent years, some studies have found that integrating palliative care into a person’s usual cancer care after a diagnosis of advanced cancer can improve their quality of life and mood and may even prolong their life.

Palliative Care Australia has a directory of palliative care services as well as a list of organisations in each State and Territory that can provide more information about palliative care.

Please refer to the Australian Cancer Council’s Understanding Palliative Care – A guide for people with cancer, their families and friends