I Am Living

If you are experiencing prolonged physical reactions to grief, please consult your GP.

Additionally, some important points to consider are:

  • do not drive if you’re feeling confused or lacking concentration;
  • poor nutrition increases your risk of disease and weakens your bone and muscle strength;
  • poor energy is to be expected. Allow yourself to slow down and let go of some responsibilities for a time. Often friends and family would love to help but do not know how. Tell them how they can support you;
  • the importance of regular exercise cannot be overstated. Even a stroll around the block can be beneficial;
  • be careful with drugs and alcohol. Consult your GP if you have trouble sleeping or cannot look after your basic needs; and
  • palpitations, digestive problems, chest pains, and shortness of breath may all be normal reactions to grief, but you need to contact your doctor and get them checked out.