I Am Living

The following are some recommended strategies to minimise stress and maximise rewards for caregivers:

Care knowledge and skills

  • learn about the illness, symptoms and what to expect
  • learn the practical skills needed to provide care (for example physical care, symptom management)

Coping strategies

  • find support and advocacy groups as well as counseling and therapy services to learn how to deal with challenges that may arise for the person being cared for and the caregiver, including financial and legal issues

Social support

  • get in touch with family, friends, networks, and community groups for social connection, humour, emotional support, and practical help

Stress reduction

  • self-care strategies including healthy eating, exercising, resting, and taking regular breaks
  • you might want to consider respite programs, for example, registering with the local carers’ association can indicate what local resources are available
  • use psychology or counseling services for assistance with processing emotional and spiritual concerns.