I Am Living

People of all ages grieve, however there may be some specific issues that particularly affect older people as they:

  • have already experienced various losses such as the death of friends and family members; loss of their health and independence; mobility; social life and family home. Grief may be triggered in the face of another loss;
  • may find immense difficulty adjusting to being without someone who has been part of their lives for many decades;
  • may be more socially isolated or feel isolated due to their own or others expectations to be ‘strong’ when faced with loss; and
  • may feel that their grief is not validated and can be affected by attitudes about the death of an older person that minimise their loss, with statements such as, “he had a good innings” or “she lived to a ripe old age”.


This material has been adapted from:

‘Healing after Loss.’ Calvary Bereavement Counselling Service (2020, Version 3).