I Am Living

An illness that is life-limiting can affect the wellbeing and functionality of a person’s entire social network. Caregiving can be an extremely rewarding and positive experience. A caregiving role can be both meaningful and satisfying for a person, especially when they know that they are doing a good job. Caregivers also often feel closer to the people they care for. Nevertheless, caregivers who care for people with life-limiting illnesses can be adversely affected if they are inadequately prepared or do not have the necessary resources. Some sources of stress for carers include:

  • burnout (emotional and physical);
  • care knowledge and skill limitations;
  • family role changes;
  • fear of being alone;
  • financial stress;
  • grief;
  • own health, wellbeing and sense of self;
  • physical restrictions;
  • planning inability due to uncertainty; and
  • social support and interaction limitations.

Carers are supported by many organisations in Australia, some of which provide free services.