I Am Living

It is important that you do everything in your own time. 

There is no need to get in touch with anyone immediately. You may elect to contact a relative or friend if you want them to be with you. In the event that someone dies during the night, you can either call the doctor or nurse at this time or wait until the morning. 

You can keep the body at home for as long as you want. If you elect to do so, you will need to remove heat sources such as room heaters, electric blankets, and hot water bottles. You may also straighten the person out because their limbs will stiffen. Unless you are concerned, there’s no need to completely bathe the person, but you can sponge away any perspiration or body fluids. A palliative care professional can assist you with this. Once you are ready, contact a funeral director who will take the person’s body and guide you through the next steps.