I Am Living

Some but not all residential aged care homes offer residents a wide range of health care services including specialist palliative care. When considering options for aged care it is important to ask a wide range of questions about the services offered, leading up to end-of-life , including:

  • can a palliative approach to care be provided?
  • is specialist palliative care available if needed?
  • what type of palliative care training do staff receive and how frequently?
  • how are the psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural needs of the residents addressed?
  • are Advance Care Plans used to guide the residents care? How often are these reviewed?
  • how will staff identify imminent death and what processes are in place for this?
  • what support is provided to loved ones when a resident is close to dying?
  • are medicines readily available if things change suddenly, and how long will it take for them to be administered?
  • how many staff are present on evening and night duty?
  • will the home provide equipment to help with comfort or other problems?