I Am Living

I am Barry Gallagher.
I am strong.
I am caring.
I am independant.

Barry Gallagher and his wife, Pat, are grateful for every day they get to spend together. Despite the fear and uncertainty that came with his diagnosis, Barry is choosing to live as independently as possible.

With the support of his wife, he is continuing to focus on family and learning to let go of his fear of dying.

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Open and Honest Conversations

“I had a bad cough. My GP noticed that it wasn’t right. Then, they said they thought I had a problem and would like me to see a surgeon. He said ‘I cannot operate on you, it is too far gone, you will be gone in six months.’ Well, when he told me that, that knocked me and my wife, she got upset.”

— Barry Gallagher

“It was the worst thing ever when we heard. Yes, I wasn’t expecting it. You hear about everybody else having been diagnosed with a terminal illness but you do not think it is going to happen to you. But when it does, you feel as if you have been hit by a train.”

— Pat Gallagher

“It is not an aggressive cancer but it will take hold. No one can give me any time limit. I don’t want to know. I will know myself when it arrives. Every day is a bonus.”

— Barry Gallagher

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