I Am Living

I am Rose Cox.
I am stubborn.
I am infectious.
I am lovable.

Rose Cox loves to give. She runs a charity, sewing gifts for patients in hospital.

Rose and her husband Joe tell her story of working through denial about her Leukemia diagnosis, how hard it is to accept help and how there is always time for connecting with people.

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Open and Honest Conversations

“It took me eighteen months to believe I have cancer. I’ve got nothing. I’m not sick. It is happening to somebody else. It is not happening to me. It is how I feel. I fight my body.”

— Rose Cox

“You have to ask questions. Anyone is going to put a tablet inside you. You want to know what they are putting inside you. They give you injections, what’s in the injections?”

— Rose Cox

“She went into intensive chemo for eighteen months until they finally had to stop the last one because if she had had the last one it would have killed her. But she’s come through all that. She’s been in ICU four times but, sooner or later, there is not going to be a fifth time and I don’t want to see that day come.”

— Joe Cox

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