I Am Living

I am David Cain.
I am honest.
I am true.
I am loyal.

David Cain is slowly coming to grips with his terminal illness. As he contemplates the way his wife died, David and his family are conscious to empower him with choices when it comes to treatments so he can live his last days well.

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Open and Honest Conversations

“I realise that it is terminal. I’ve realised that for some time. I think it is the uncertainty. You are not sure what’s in stall for you, what’s around the corner, whether physically, mentally or financially. Some people over-emphasise it, others under-estimate it. It is as you find it, I think, on the day.”

— David Cain

“I have a medical team that for me has been tremendous. My GP, he can explain to me in layman’s terms, in terms that I can understand. It is having confidence in the people that are giving you advice and your ability to get to people that can you give that.”

— David Cain

“There is a lot of fear and apprehension about how his days might end. We try to empower him, especially now that he’s moved into a palliative phase of treatment. He can decide at the time whether or not he wants to have the treatment that will prolong his time or whether he fills that the rewards of the treatment don’t give him the quality of life that he is used to. It is an empowering situation for somebody to be given more control over how their end will happen.”

— Lucinda Harvey

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