I Am Living

I am Joff Chappel.
I am kind.
I am caring.
I am creative.

Joff, his partner Razak and his best friend Michele have had an excellent life, running the legendary fashion store, ‘Miss Gladys’ by day and having dinner parties by night.

Joff speaks of his cancer diagnosis and how he has worked to make sure his legacy and his loved ones will be okay when he dies.

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Open and Honest Conversations

“Even when I got this cancer I was in denial a bit. But it was very public. Everybody on Rundle Mall who I see knew that I was sick and Razak and I went down to Michelle’s house and spent two nights there and we just talked about it. We resolved a whole lot of stuff. I am not afraid to talk about it and it does not diminish me in any way. I am just sick.”

— Joff Chappel

“When I am gone, there is not going to be a major outpouring of grief, because so much of the work has been done. The planning of actually dying has been done.”

— Joff Chappel

“They came up here this two nurses. Joff explained to them all these difficult pains he is going through and they just took us through… this is what you do, this is what you can’t do, you shouldn’t have this…It was so easy. I was asking them why everyone can’t speak the same language. Why is palliative care better at advising us and why can’t the GP have the same knowledge. Because this is all new to us, you really do not understand what other medicines do and the ways and means that you can actually have a better life. [Palliative Care] has been wonderful.”

— Abdul Razak Mohammed

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