I Am Living

I am Karen Grace.
I am authentic.
I am deeply empathetic.
I am a seeker of the mystical.

Karen Grace has always been drawn to spirituality and mysticism. Her diagnosis, while challenging, has given her new ideas about acceptance, the process of letting go, and how to die with dignity.

She and her son talk about their shared love of gardening, and how they will farewell their traditions together.

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“I always remember the date, because it was my birthday when I got my diagnosis. Fancy getting these news on your birthday! I was probably in a state of shock and denial, but I didn’t recognise it at the time.”

— Karen Grace

“We are very open. I think I am the most open person in our family. So I talk about anything that’s passing through my mind. I am also aware that it gives them, my family, permission to do the same with me in relation to my eventual death.”

— Karen Grace

“At one point there she looked as though she was steadily recovering. This was about two and a half months ago, and then it became apparent that it was a slow decline. I told the kids. When she does die, well, that’ll be it. I have fond memories and a lot of gratitude, but until then I will just enjoy it. More so than mourning what’s not going to be, I’ll enjoy much more intensely what I’ve got.”

— Warwick Grace

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