I Am Living

I am Michael Peter Jefferson.
I am a survivor.
I am practical.
I am laid back.

Michael Jefferson feels very lucky to have a friend like Bryan to help him with his illness.

Together they tell the story of Michael’s diagnosis, how getting the right treatment has given his quality of life back and of the tender realisation that he has touched more people’s lives than he realised.

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“I approach end-of-life as inevitable. I know it’s all downhill but it’s not unduly worrying me. I am gradually sort of losing the capacity to get out of bed, someone will have to wash me in bed and that sort of stuff and it’ll be tough but I am not going to give up. I am happily buying tickets on the lottery so it’ll pay me for a big funeral you know, lots of grog and lots of sausages.”

— Michael Jefferson

“I’ve grown to love him as a mate and I think that’s very important. This mateship that comes out of friendship you know where each can trust the other and it’s been ongoing for fifty years. Bryan can’t do enough for me.”

— Michael Jefferson

“He had no self-worth, no self-efficacy. He thought he was a useless man and useless to the world. I think he had depression, I really do. Ever since he got melanoma, boy, has he changed! The biggest change of all is since he’s been in here, in this establishment and it’s only a month. He doesn’t have to look after himself which he’s battled and battled and battled to do and, all of a sudden, he is getting three meals a day. He looks years younger!”

— Bryan

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