I Am Living

I am Ken Craw.
I am mad.
I am a sports’ nut.
I love a beer.

Ken Craw speaks frankly about living with emphysema and the frustration of relying on his friend to take care of him. Ken reflects bluntly on the choices he has made in life and how it has affected his health.

He is spending the time he has left trying to think more of others and enjoying a good game of footy too.

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Open and Honest Conversations

“What’s caused this, I don’t know. I’ve expected this to come. It’s not nice, what it is. But I know it and that’s it. There is no sudden poor me, why me? I know full well why me. I’ve known I’ve had emphysema for twenty-five years and that’s because, obviously, smoking. I often think to myself though, if I had been there, done that but you gain nothing. You can’t go back.”

— Ken Craw

“I was a fair bit out there with how I lived my life. But I did live my life in such a way that what I did I did for me rather than for anybody else, and now I actually am aware that I can do stuff for other people, even if it is remote and I try and do that as best I can. So I try to live my life now for others as well as for me.”

— Ken Craw

“I couldn’t live on my own. I can’t get out of here. So I am relying on John, even to take me to the doctor’s, which he did yesterday. He does all the shopping. He gets my medical stuff. He cooks. He does the washing. The only thing that I can do is to help him to wash up of a night time, but sometimes I cannot even do that. That’s the frustrating thing about what I’ve got. There is a problem with the amount of trouble that I’ve caused other people, and John is obviously one of them. I can’t do anything about it. Where would we be without John? Where would I be? I’d be up that little creek, I think.”

— Ken Craw

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